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"[Gravity Hook HD] provides much of what I loved about Canabalt, only in a vertical climb instead of a side scrolling run... it really is a much better experience with your finger."
- Touch Arcade

"Gravity Hook became a high score-focused game that I could whip out and play any time, making it a title that'll be a mainstay on my Apple devices for a long time to come."
- GamePro

"...the presentation here is simple yet exquisite. With hand drawn backgrounds and lovingly-detailed nodes, the art direction manages to be a perfect fit. Baranowsky’s soundtracks are among the best in video games today..."
- Gamezebo

"...not only easier on the eyes, but easier to play as well."
- Kotaku

"You can feel the evolution of Semi Secret's reflex-intensive design ideas in [Gravity Hook HD]."

"Like the [Canabalt], Gravity Hook HD is punishingly difficult and encourages a just-one-more-game mentality."
- MTV Multiplayer

"I can't say it's as fun or as simple as Canabalt, but it is colorful and addictive for sure."

Praise for Gravity Hook Classic:

"This game is amazingly simple, and really well made. Be sure to check it out."
- Mark Bozon, IGN

"...a simple, grappling hook arcade game that borders on clinically addictive."
- Imok,

"I’ve been loading the game up every other hour..."
- Tiny Cartridge

Gravity Hook is a flash game created by Adam Atomic and Danny Baranowsky way back in August 2008, and marks their first collaboration. It was based on a typing-tutor prototype game called Gravity Key, created by Arne Niklas Jansson. Arne gave his permission for Adam to develop a mouse-based version that scrolled onward and upward forever. The original Gravity Hook was created in 5 days on a very early version of what is now the flixel framework.

Gravity Hook received a lot of praise but also a lot of well-deserved complaints about the difficulty of play. Gravity Hook HD is a chance for Adam and Danny to revisit their first project with an extra year of experience and see if they have anything worthwhile to add. New graphics, new sound, new controls, and new gameplay make HD an entirely new game. For those hardcore fans of the old version, we've also included a special treat! But you'll need to climb at least 500m to find it...
Press Kit - Finji - Adam Atomic - Danny Baranowsky - Original Prototype