Getting ready

It’s my first day of survival school and I’m so excited

Night in the Woods Switch Teaser



Seeking Coder Problem Solver for Unity Games

Hello friends - Adam here, director and co-founder of Finji (Night in the Woods, Tunic, Overland, Canabalt, Feist, Panoramical, Hundreds). The time has come to finish our turn-based survival game Overland.

See you at PAX South 2018!

We’ll have multiple stations (and team members!) for Night in the Woods, Overland, and TUNIC.

Night in the Woods Longest Night Sale


Night in the Woods Weird Autumn coming Dec 13

Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn is an expanded edition of the original. Featuring a whole bunch of new content, think of it as the Night In The Woods director’s cut. Additionally: XBOX and PC/Mac/Linux players will receive the two supplemental games Longest Night and Lost Constellation on launch date, with PS4 players getting in on that in January 2018. NITW: WA will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, PC/Mac/Linux on December 13th. The new content will be a free patch for all current owners of the game. Stay tuned for info about other platforms! visit for more info!