Our Mission is to make new games and create new opportunities. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but collaborate with talented individuals from all over the place.

Reborn in 2014, Finji was originally founded by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman in 2006. We are passionate game makers who sometimes work odd hours, but we practice inclusive team policies that support good quality of life (no crunch), and provide significant revenue shares for all team members.

Meet the Team:

Rebekah Saltsman
Co-founder & CEO

Before relaunching Finji in 2014, Rebekah’s career began in media relations before working as a technical writer and product manager in the photography software industry. She moved into games in 2008, managing the finances and porting partnerships for Semi Secret Software. Rebekah and her husband (Adam) have published several award-winning indie games including ‘Canabalt’, ‘Hundreds’, ‘Feist’, ‘Panoramical’, and ‘Night in the Woods’, and are currently hard at work on ‘Overland’ (2018) and Andrew Shouldice’s ‘Tunic’ (2019). Rebekah is a co-designer on Overland and manages the console and storefront relationships and initiatives for all of Finji’s internal and partner publishing projects. She is a writer, an avid distance runner, and mom to two chaotic boys.

Adam Saltsman
Co-founder & Director

Adam entered the game industry in 2006 as a freelance 3D modeler and released his first notable independent game, Canabalt, in 2009. Since then, Adam helped ship Cave Story+, Hundreds, FEZ, Night in the Woods, and some other games. His Flash game dev library Flixel remains a popular tool for both commercial and personal game releases. Adam serves as an advisor to Femicom Museum and the NYU Game Center Incubator, as well as helping organize GDC, Fantastic Arcade, Juegos Rancheros, the fridge, and the Duplo. He is currently working on a turn-based survival game called Overland.

Harris Foster
Community Manager

With his coming-of-age taking place during the boom of easily accessible online gaming, Harris Foster appreciated the value of a strong online community. Since then, Harris has helped craft communities for major online projects, write pieces for PlayStation and G4TV, make appearances on video content for IGN and Giant Bomb, and more. With Finji, Harris set out to create a community that resembled what he always wanted to see in his favorite online spaces.


Recent News


Overland is Coming to Apple Arcade

A Statement from Bekah and Adam about our upcoming strategy release.


Patch Notes - Dumpster Zome

Build 375

  • new city assets and layouts
  • new rain fx
  • fixed blurry logo
  • added more red-outline UI feedback
  • optimized the fire fx a bit
  • dyslexia-friendly font option
  • some entity cleanup
  • [REDACTED] look even weirder now? sorry?? idk
  • optimization pass on every shader
  • that definitely won’t break anything lol
  • i need more sleep
  • where am i


A Birthday Letter

Today is Finji's fifth birthday. Sort of.


Patch Notes - Oops

Build 356

  • random survivor heights
  • left-handed survivors
  • unique label colors
  • new equipment: hats, painkillers, maps, etc
  • item HP visualized
  • various crash fixes
  • overhauled inspect descriptions
  • fixed impact audio
  • shadow fixes
  • new animations: shield impacts, campfire poses
  • new object: electric generators
  • night-time streetlight behaviors
  • a lot of level generator tuning
  • memorial cairns at campfires
  • a lot of slime refinements
  • searched containers spawn debris now
  • loads of new creature audio
  • photo mode overlay
  • bunch of work on the slime creatures
  • vehicle material fixes
  • fixed some happy-to-see-you corpse bugs
  • new screamer creatures
  • flares and fire extinguishers have new affordances
  • even more level generator refinements
  • engine vibration stuff
  • some action refinements
  • new “equip” animations
  • new dialog stuff
  • slowed down the fire spread animation
  • new burrow assets
  • vastly improved thumbstick controls
  • snow is back, and it can be on stuff
  • fixed some gamepad bugs
  • fixed some intro level game over crashes
  • fixed map label


Night in the Woods gets a Japanese Release thanks to Playism!

Our 2017 Award-Winner Gets Localized to Japan


Patch Notes - Much Update

Build 352

  • secret stuff we can’t post about yet
  • fixes for the show floor demo
  • finally fixed the haunted End Turn button
  • started working on localization
  • more secret stuff
  • rebalanced every map
  • rebalanced wood shield
  • democratized slime removal
  • ash-lump corpses aren’t alive anymore
  • ugh more secret stuff sry sry sry
  • new scavenge locations!
  • new rescue locations!
  • new item: flashlight!
  • new item: garbage!!
  • inspect is more instant now
  • fixed “dismantle corpses” bug
  • can’t drag corpses into vehicles anymore
  • rebalanced out-of-gas levels
  • fixed old car armor visibility bug
  • fixed several trade / camp bugs
  • fixed siphon bugs
  • fixed ‘COMBIN’ label
  • no more too-friendly fuel-hunters
  • fixed thing of too many angry folks
  • camera angle adjustments
  • loads of new audio from maestro jocelyn!!