Our Mission is to make new games and create new opportunities. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but collaborate with talented individuals from all over the place.

Reborn in 2014, Finji was originally founded by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman in 2006. We are passionate game makers who sometimes work odd hours, but we practice inclusive team policies that support good quality of life (no crunch), and provide significant revenue shares for all team members.

Meet the Team:

Rebekah Saltsman
Cofounder & CEO

Rebekah’s career began in media relations before working as a technical writer and product manager in the photography software industry. She moved into games in 2008, managing the finances and porting partnerships for Semi Secret Software. Rebekah and her husband (Adam) have published several award-winning indie games including ‘Canabalt’, ‘Overland’, and ‘Night in the Woods’. Rebekah is a writer, an avid distance runner, and mom to two chaotic boys.

Adam Saltsman
Cofounder & Director

Adam entered the game industry in 2006 as a freelance 3D modeler and released his first notable independent game, Canabalt, in 2009. Since then, Adam helped ship Cave Story+, Hundreds, FEZ, Night in the Woods, and some other games. His most recent release was Overland in 2019.

Adam Hay
Audio Designer

Adam has described his job as ‘making the beep boops’. Adam’s very long list of audio games credits includes: Dreams, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Dear Esther: Remaster, LEGO Batman, and LEGO Star Wars… and that’s not even half of them!

When not behind the controls of a synth, he can usually be found daydreaming about being up a mountain with a snowboard or trying to learn jazz licks on the guitar.

Aster Wright
Social Media & Community Manager

Aster is a community builder and content creator who creates vibrant and inclusive gaming communities online. Merging their love of games and gaming spaces with a background in education and community organizing, Aster’s work is grounded in care and collaboration. Aster spends their free time babying their three-legged cat, Moon, playing all kinds of games, reading queer books, and tending to their many house plants. They are trying to learn how to crochet tiny yarn animals but it isn’t going well.

Amelia Herman
Art Director

Amelia’s an art director and concept artist with a few years on various games, pitches, and other things she can’t talk about, sorry. She loves light, color, and designing characters that you miss (just a little) while you’re away. Outside of art, she enjoys reading, pausing animations to admire the background art, and using as many character voices as possible in DnD. She has a cat named Jones.

Cameron Bragg
Level Artist

Cameron is an environment artist with 7 years previous experience in VR, mobile and single A games. When given the chance, Cameron likes creating lived-in spaces full of not-strictly-necessary detail and actually enjoys doing UV work. When he’s not on the clock, he’s either playing Minecraft, eating, or convincing himself that no, $90 is a good price for those concert tickets actually, treat yourself. He’s proud to be making games his younger self would’ve loved and is honestly just happy to be here, thanks.

Emily Liles
Marketing Lead

Emily has a degree in Media Arts, with a specialization in Fiction Film. She almost became a certified dog trainer after paying money for an unrelated university degree. She spent years as a Veterinary Assistant while playing video games in her free time, and has always been a fan of Finji’s games. Now she gets to be a louder about her fandom and help others discover Finji’s amazing games. She always wants to see pictures of your pets.

Gwen Sandel
Senior Quality Assurance

A Grand Rapids, Michigan local, Gwen joined the Finji team to help ship Overland. She is currently applying their pest control expertise on Finji’s future endeavors. Gwen attempts to play the bass guitar, loves pixel art restrictions, and is probably the absolute biggest Earthbound-liker.

Jonah Davidson
Quality Assurance

Jonah Davidson is a QA technician with a habit of doing a bit of everything, all of which somehow come in handy in his work: tech and narrative writing, game/doc/logo design, video and stream production, coding and rom-hacking, and accessibility analysis. When not cheerfully breaking and fixing things, he’s supporting local devs with the Dirty Rectangles arts collective and hanging out with his cool cool cool dog.

Kortney Terry
Community Assistant

A former Midwest emo, Kortney joined Finji to aid in the continued well-being of the community. Kortney enjoys the intersection of compassion and excitement that being in a community can bring and strives to amplify those good vibes through their work. When they’re not online, Kortney can be found attending a convention, solving a mystery game, or failing at comedy.

Laura Beach
3D Character Artist

Laura has over 6 years of industry experience working on projects. Her style ranges from sci-fi realism to handpainted stylization and super simple low poly racing games. She has made characters, creatures, hair, weapons and vehicles for projects such as Team Sonic Racing, Star Citizen, and Deceit.

Outside of work Laura likes botanical painting, cooking, mixology, playing survival games, language learning, and occasional jaunts through the woodlands.

Mike Flood
Unity Programmer

Mike has worked a variety of software development positions over the years, including creating native mobile applications to aid first responders during disaster relief scenarios, programming educational games, and programming for StarCrossed and TwoDots. While not working, Mike enjoys building and tinkering with computers and electronics, playing rhythm games, and trying to be outside whenever possible.

Mike Kersey

Mike is a character animator with a variety of experience across games and short films. He found his passion watching his art come to life, with a special interest in character driven performances. When he is not busy creating the illusion of life, he spends his time playing games, reading, traveling the world, and taking inspirations from everything around him.

Nathan Black
Operations Manager

Nathan has worked in video games off and on since the early 2000s. He has shipped games from Barbie Pet Rescue and Trivial Pursuit Nascar Edition to Deus Ex: Invisible War and Thief 3. He has worked everything from QA to Build Engineering and Project Management.

In his free time he collects orchids, plays board games, and practices calligraphy.

Taylor Normington
Quality Assurance

Taylor has been playing video games in Michigan basements since 1990, so QA at Finji was a natural fit. As a dog dad, a cat father, and all around red-headed guy, Taylor spends most of his free time as furniture for a Doberman named Oslo. When he’s allowed off the couch, he likes to play guitar and drums, write fiction, and perform karaoke poorly.

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