Primary Directive: Survival.

Capsule is a single player survival game played entirely through a radar interface. Players navigate a hostile landscape, learn about their surroundings, and unravel a classic sci-fi story in the process. Best played in a dark room with headphones.

In a strange and hostile place, something has gone very, very wrong. You wake up inside a small capsule, trapped, with no view of the outside world. The only way to survive is to use the radar screen and the capsule’s simple controls to try and find more oxygen and more fuel… and to find out what happened.

Capsule is a short game, approximately 2 hours for most players. Capsule is not a game for everyone; if you are claustrophobic, misophonic, and/or have anxiety or triggers related to asphyxiation and/or darkness Capsule may not be a good game for you.

Recent News

Merry FMas Everyone!

MERRY FMAS EVERYONE!! FMAS is our favorite holiday, the time of year that we celebrate the sudden appearance of Finji the Royal Weasel, who has given us so much over the years. Blessed Be Thou Weasel, for They Art Mighty. Help us celebrate by getting some of our nearest, dearest projects at a temporarily lower price:

CAPSULE: Available now on Steam!

Today’s goal is to not freak out that CAPSULE, our collab with Robin Arnott and Venus Patrol, is available now on Steam.