Today’s goal is to not freak out that CAPSULE, our collab with Robin Arnott and Venus Patrol, is available now on Steam.

image Harvey designed this game Dishonored that you may know. While CAPSULE is (still) not for everyone, I’m really excited that it’s becoming more widely available. We also made some small improvements and fixed a few bugs - we’re especially excited that the game can be played with gamepads now, and we even threw in a handful of Steam achievements too. image Adam’s upcoming project Adr1ft looks kind of amazing. Depending on how you count, CAPSULE is almost two years old now, maybe a bit older. For a long time it was a Venus Patrol exclusive, a project we’re still really proud to have supported. Since then we’ve been selling it direct via this questionable-looking website, which I am still very happy with while simultaneously understanding that it may have been an obstacle to sales in one way or another. image Max helped make Cards Against Humanity - you’ve heard of that right? As we said, CAPSULE is not a game for everyone. It is dark, literally and figuratively, and there’s not much in the way of a tutorial. It’s kind of a mix of procedural and linear play; there’s a story but it’s more environmental than participatory (or is it?) image There’s some death and failure as you explore CAPSULE but I think the things we did with that are kind of interesting. Most players can’t even tell exactly what they’re doing or where they are, but still start sweating after a few minutes. We are really proud of the way the gameplay and the atmosphere work together to create something unique, for those that are into this sort of thing anyways.

I would be remiss to emphasize the role that Robin’s audio plays in the project as well. His experimental game Deep Sea was a huge inspiration for CAPSULE, so getting to work with him and see what he wanted to do with this space was really an honor. Thanks Robin! ANYWAYS. CAPSULE is out now on Steam; if this sounds like your thing, check it out, let us know what you think :) Thanks! PS: If you already own a copy of Capsule through the Humble store, I should be able to provide Steam codes through there shortly. Thanks for your patience!