It’s quiet around here, too quiet…and that’s because we’ve been busy prepping for PAX West (and also enjoying very valuable summer family time.) However, today we’re ready to spill the beans, lay our cards on the table and let that cat out of the bag- all at the same time! We’ve got a spooky new Overland trailer, an update from Dicey on TUNIC and PAX news about our cool new booth and some free stuff you can get for just stopping by and playing our games! With brand new art from Heather and some super creepy jams from Jocelyn, we bring you the Overland “Vignettes” trailer. (We highly suggest turning your sound way up and turning your lights way down.) As always, you can get the latest Overland news and secrets on the mailing list at

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Next up is an update from Dicey on TUNIC’s development. He’s hard at work making new dungeons for our fox friend, but he’ll also be at PAX West showing off the latest build! To find out more about TUNIC before anyone else does, slam your fox paws on that mailing list subscription at
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Last but not least, you may have heard that we’re starting up a new booth with our friends Vlambeer, Dan Adelman and IndieBox called The Playground at booth #6111. 
In addition to that, we’re starting something new called the Finji Passport (that’s the thing up top)! If you stop by our booth and play 1) Overland 2) TUNIC and 3) Night In The Woods, we’ll stamp your passport as you visit each of our worlds. Once you’ve collected all three, we’ll seal your journey with the legendary weasel stamp and gift you 3 collectible mini-posters from each of our games! 
That’s all we got - see you in Seattle!