We can’t believe it, but Finji celebrated 10 years of developing and publishing games last month! To celebrate, Finji Director Adam Saltsman teamed up with game developer Cameron Taylor to port Canabalt to Haxe/HTML5 so it could, once again, be freely available as an open source browser game. You can play it for free right now on Canabalt.com!

Finji Community & Social Media Manager Aster Wright took some time to do a Q&A about this Canabalt project with Adam and Cameron. You can watch it now on Youtube!

And now, a note from Finji CEO Rebekah Saltsman and Finji Director Adam Saltsman:

Somehow, it has been 10 years since the studio came into existence. The industry was at a crossroads in 2013 and 2014 (again) and we took the pieces that we were building, across flash games, iOS games, projects with external studios, and even publishing, and we called it Finji. IRL, Adam and I were already building our tiny family of human children, and it was important that the work we were doing was a part of us both, and we were both a part of it.

Since 2014, we’ve launched so many games, and mentored so many teams. We still love helping these beautiful games exist, even though it is not always easy, even though the challenges are overwhelming sometimes. But something we have in common with everyone we’ve gotten to work with over the last decade is that even when it’s so hard, even when there are so many obstacles, it’s still “easier” to make games than to not make games.

Here’s to 10 years, and all of the years to come.

Thanks to everyone in the community who celebrated with us, watched the live Q&A, and has supported Finji over all of these years. If you want to hear about our upcoming events before they happen, sign up for our newsletter, join our Discord, and find us on socials!