March was International Women’s Month, and we took the time to introduce some of the brilliant, hard working women behind Finji games.

The first in our series introduces Bekah Saltsman, the CEO and co-founder of Finji. Bekah has been in the video game industry since 2006. Since co-founding Finji with her husband Adam, she’s worked on business development and marketing, among much more, on several award-winning games! She also mentors newer game devs. She’s often spotted with a pug snoring in her lap and wrangling her two chaotic sons.

@finjico March is Women’s History Month, & we’ve spent the month chatting with some of the incredible women who work on Finji games. Meet Bekah Saltsman, CEO and co-founder of Finji! #finji #finjico #indiegame #gamedev ♬ original sound - FinjiCo

It is an honor to work alongside the women in game development, who intentionally chose to work in this industry and those, like me, who realized, years in, that they too were a game developer now. In the more than 15 years that I have been here, I’ve watched women developers bring thoughtfulness, supreme problem solving abilities, and inclusivity (to name a just a few) to our world. I have gotten to know so many of these brilliant devs and I have found friendship and community that will span a lifetime. Not only do I want to thank my friends for their games and their lasting imprint on our art form, but the many women working in all disciplines across our industry who continue to make games and bring those games to our players. Our work and our talent matters. Here’s to seeing more opportunities for women in this industry in the years to come!

Bekah Saltsman

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