TUNIC has been included in free monthly games on PlayStation Plus for the month of May! We’re so excited that this game will be enjoyed by thousands of new players! If you’re a new player who has found yourself here because of TUNIC, welcome! We’re so glad to have you. If you get stuck, remember you can find all of your answers in the manual. If you find yourself really stuck, we have the most helpful community over on Discord. Members of our community all make a tremendous effort to protect new players from spoilers. There’s so much we want to tell you about, but we can’t give away secrets. So I think it’s probably best if you stop reading this and go beat the game! Come on back to this when you’re done.

Take your time, we’ll wait.

Ahem. Nice weather we’re having lately, huh?


Oh, welcome back! Now that you’ve beat it, you can check out this collection of our favorite interviews and insights from the TUNIC team.

If you want to start with some reading, Jill Grodt’s Game Informer interview has some nice details in it. If you’re more interested in listening, the Waypoint Radio episode is great too!

Want some more technical details? Andrew breaks down development in this NoClip interview with Danny O’Dwyer. You can also check out Holly Green’s Game Developer article.

You could dig a little deeper and learn about the creation of TUNIC’s sound in Kevin Regamey’s GDC talk or appreciate the music with this Bandcamp interview that composers Lifeformed and Janice Kwan did.

You can also appreciate two brilliant games at once in this MinnMaxx interview that Andrew Shouldice and Fez developer Renaud Bédard both did together.

And lastly, once you’ve honed your skills and know the game inside and out, you can investigate the speed run community that’s developed around TUNIC. Get some more info from Andrew’s interview with Jordan Rogers!

Okay, that should keep you pretty entertained for a bit! See ya around, lil’ foxes!