PLUSHIES! We hug them. We love them. We use them to bring cuteness and color to our shelves. Our dogs chew them up sometimes and what comes out is often colorful. Please don’t let your dog eat our friends, for everyone’s sake.

Speaking of plushies, we’re so excited about the Makeship campaign for the Limited Edition Nomi-Nomi plush! If you’re interested in this one, you should grab it before July 2nd 2024, because once the campaign is over they won’t be making more!

Thinking about getting another Finji game plush has us thinking about all of our other Finji plushies too. Not only the other I Was a Teenage Exocolonist ones like Vriki & Sol, which are completed campaigns. Sorry. But LOOK HOW CUTE! If you want to peruse one that’s still available, check out Fangamer’s Pizza plushie, which comes with fabric markers for coloring on! Fangamer also made an amazing huggable TUNIC Fox plush! He has magnets on his hands for holding a soft little sword and a cute little shield. You don’t need to fight, lil’ guy. We will protect you.

If you ever want to take a cute picture of your own cute little plushie friends living their best lives, feel free to drop a pic in our Discord. I’m sure it will improve everyone’s day!